The letter which was never given.

The heart wishes for a million things, some attainable, some not quite so..

These desires can be locked inside forever which is why it is necessary to look inside and see if they can actually be fulfilled. And for that to happen you really need to know what is it that you really, actually want.

In my life I’ve been blessed with plenty of people to call my own. People who know me, understand me, love me. However knowing myself, I know I am the sort of person who would want to be close to another human being.
By closeness I mean someone who I could call or meet whenever I’m free, someone who would tell me everything that’s on their mind, every little detail, every little thought.There would be absolutely no need for any kind of pretense, no need to hide any feeling or question what they need to say.

I wish to have a best friend as a guy, someone who would know my story, all my stories and I would know his.
Someone who would hold me close, dance with me, sing for me and with me,
Someone who is good on the inside, cause that’s the only thing that matters.

That guy would be level headed, to balance my sometimes irrationally emotional side,
Someone who will know I need him even when I say I don’t,
Someone who will convince me to believe in him.

Who’ll make me think,
Who’ll make me laugh,
Who’ll know to take me to the beach cause I love the clash of the waves,
Who thinks I am the world, Cause I sure as hell would lay the world at his feet.

Hold me love, hold me,
Cause when you do,
The whole world ceases to be..

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