Do we ever stop loving?

I often find myself going back in time, revisiting those memories and people associated with it, often finding different insight into what was.

But that’s the thing about memories isn’t it? You can twist and wind it as per your mood and no one can ever question it. In the recesses of your mind, the memory becomes your story. You can make it anything you want it to be.

There are a few people who touch your lives. They just get you. It’s like they were made to fit a part of you that was incomplete until they came. And then for a while they complete that part, playing that important role they were always meant to play, as if their part in your story was already planned, that they were just waiting for the right moment to enter your life and turn it around.

But it might so happen that they may not remain a part of your life always. We have all been born alone and will die alone. These people we meet help us make stories, those stories which make our life.

Does that mean that once they leave, once their part in our life is over, that we stop loving them? Does it matter how the bond you shared ended?
Does the part of you that they completed when they entered your life, ever get filled by anyone else?
Do you ever stop loving them?

I don’t think love ever ends. No matter what you go through, no matter how horribly it ends, you can never unlove a person. There, at that moment in time, you loved a part of that person and no circumstance can ever change that. Love when given, is pure and complete and when you give it to another person, willingly, wholeheartedly, it belongs to them, forever.

Every person who touches your life, who matters to you, will own a small space in your heart. It can never be filled or replace by another and you shouldn’t want that to happen.

The beauty of life, of the experiences we share is that each experience is unique and we must cherish each relationship, giving love and affection freely, cause really do we really know how long we have with the one we love?

  1. This is beautiful and very mature and is so similar to my thought process, it’s scary. 🙂
    Hey Ms., you need to write more.

    • I write when those words just need to be written down. When i reach that moment, I know whatever I write, will be from my heart =)

      Weirdly, it’s been a year since I started blogging.
      And here I am publishing a post today. Happy day =)

  2. Reblogged this on The Cipher story and commented:
    Beautiful read!

  1. July 27th, 2014

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