On Pursuing My Dream

When you are following your dream, when you are hell bent on achieving it, you won’t let anything come your way.

It doesn’t matter if you need to do it part time or if you need to fill every moment of your spare time pursuing it.
It doesn’t matter if you need to finish your work in the train or if you have to wake up early or stay up late to meet a deadline.

You’ll do it cause you can’t imagine doing anything else, wouldn’t want to do anything else, no matter how much you need to push yourself.

But then you hit road blocks.
Ones which make you question your dream,
Ones which make you question whether you are as good at something as you think you are.

They hit you in the face, hit you like a sucker punch which you never think you will recover from.
And then you wonder,
What is the point of this struggle,
What is the point of pushing so much,
What is the point of pursuing this dream?

The seed of self doubt is forever growing, forever looking to expand its roots.
It promises to consume you, never to let you free again.

But it is in this state of utter despair that I make myself think of this quote,

For who can ask more of a man,
Than giving all within his span,
Giving all it seems to me,
Is not to fall from victory.

I don’t know if I will ever succeed in pursuing my dream,
I don’t know if this is the right path or wrong.
But what I do know is that I am here to fight,
Here to fight my moments of despair,
To forever strive to convert them to moments of glory.

Moment of glory as beautiful & inspiring as a new day

My moment of glory, will be as beautiful as the rising of the sun at the start of a new day.

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