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In this day and age where time is a blur, where days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, there is little time to spend with oneself, to try and understand the thoughts that cross our mind, the experiences that change our lives.

When was the last time you went out for a long walk, with no destination in mind, with no purpose to be fulfilled at the end of the journey?

Take a walk. With no destination in mind.

Take a walk. With no destination in mind.

It seems to me that every person is trying to create memories of fun times and madness, to look back and say, ‘Yes, then there at that moment, it was madness. For you live your life only once.’

At the end of these fun times, there often is an inexplicable feeling of emptiness. One which will need to be filled, can be fulfilled only by more moments like these.
As long as we continue to search for happiness in external things, the moment of elation will last only until the moment does.
The people you meet, the moments you share, will give you only so much happiness, only so much satisfaction.
No one and no memory can give you joy infinitely.
No one and nothing can give you the feeling of completeness that you will experience in the moments of quietude spend looking within.

Unplug yourself.
Unplug yourself from the constant chatter of your phone.
Unplug yourself and just be.
Watch the world, watch your thoughts.
Let the quietude surround you.
Give yourself the chance to experience what it means to just be.


On the compulsion of being social.

Often we try to squeeze in as many plans as possible for the weekend.

There are people we need to meet, things we need to do, memories we need to make.

Then we head to work, talk about the mad weekend, about how exhausting it was, how we need another weekend to recover from this one.

We live in the past weekend, all the while pinning for the coming one, not for one moment taking the time to just breath and be.

I’ve never been much of a talker and when I see people going through this process day after day, week after week, all the time whining, I wonder why they put themselves through this process again and again.

The weird thing is that these people expect you to be a part of this process. They expect you to be a part of this social group, talk till you drop, talk even if you don’t make any sense.

Not being social does not mean a person is a loner. Neither does it mean that the person is uninterested in what others have to say. 

A person who doesn’t talk has a high possibility of being a great listener. The likes of which are very hard to find in this age where everyone is trying to look cooler and more happening.

A person who doesn’t talk might also be someone who is at ease in her own skin. She do not find it necessary to talk about the things she does, to get external validation of how amazing she is.

She prefers doing the things she loves, quietly,
Spending time with people she loves, having meaningful conversations of the likes which appeal to her,
All the while living in the moment,
All the while searching for the reason for her existence.

Yes, I am this her. And no one, neither the people I deal with everyday, nor the society I live in, is going to push into being social.

Words: Do you pay attention?

They have the power to sooth as much as wound,
They can flow out like a torrent without any thought or care,
They can get buried inside you, even when you wish to let it out, just because you are scared.

The moment I thought of this subject, there was a torrent of thoughts that crossed my mind, cause I believe in the power of words, I believe in their ability to sooth. 

But people, people don’t understand. In today’s fast paced world where everyone wants to be the center of attention all the time, they don’t seem to mind interrupting someone when they are talking. They don’t have the patience to wait and hear the other person’s perspective.

Every time I sit with a group of people I wonder, what is the point of talking all the time?
Do your words, thoughts have any meaning attached to them?
Do people listen, or even pay attention to what you are saying?

Words, the crux of communication

       Words, the crux of communication.

I’ve often been told that am getting quieter these days. And yes I am. But you see, I’ve started paying attention to people. I’ve started paying attention to the words they use, the different meaning every person associates with each word. I know and understand better, I see things more clearly, when before I was too busy trying to put my point across without understanding the other person.

Paying attention to these words helps me know people, understand them and their feelings and situation better. And this seems to help them too. I don’t offer insight or advice to anyone unless specifically asked.
Just talking to someone who actually listens and asking the right question can go a long way in giving clarity to a heart or mind filled with turmoil.

I also believe in the power of paying attention to the thoughts, those million words that spin around in your head. If you pay enough attention to those thoughts, they will help you understand what matters to you, what are the things which bother you and most importantly, who you are. And that really is what we must pay attention to.
What is the point of knowing, understanding other people and their words, when you don’t even know your own? If you don’t even pay attention to the words inside?


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