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Stories, end

Stories end, some endings are not happy.


Does that mean the love shared, the connection made ends?
Aren’t those suppose to be precious bubbles of memories you go back to when you most need them?
Some stories end, not because you want them to but because they must.
Some relationships end, not because they were less than perfect but because the tiny imperfection was so wrong, it couldn’t go on.

It is the most beautiful experience in the world to be loved completely.
To be blessed with that even once in a lifetime, is enough.


The Curious Case Of Being Human

Humans are narcissistic creatures.
We believe we have the power to shape our future or rather change our destiny.

But can we really?

We think that we can’t live without a few people. Or someone would not be able to survive without us. We try to protect them from hurt, even if we have to lie for it. We think we are so important than we decide what is good and bad for them. What they will or won’t be able to deal with it.

But the truth is, being human we have a mechanism which helps us survive anything.

A person lived before the love of his life crossed paths with him and will survive even if she leaves. The time it takes for someone to recover might be different. The intensity of feelings might be different. But eventually, time heals everything.

A person might think, ‘I’m broken. I can’t do this ever again.’

But you won’t be broken forever. Your survival instinct will kick in and will eventually do what it must to be unbroken.

Don’t be afraid to get into something now, just because you are afraid of the outcome. Whatever it maybe, you will survive.

Humans are survivers. You will survive too.


Humans are survivers. You will survive too.

I am in love with you.

I am in love with you.

Not the who you want to be,
Nor the who you were,
But the who you are,
At every moment we spend together.

You might not be perfect,
You might not even be the best boyfriend out there.
But you are the perfect boyfriend for me.
Isn’t that what really matters?

You see me,
Outside and inside and you’re okay with everything you see.
You tell me,
Things you’ve never told anyone else, trusting cause you know you can.

I want you to be you.
And I know you’ll let me be me.

And together,
We’ll celebrate light,
And fight darkness,
Every step of the way.

Life : One day at a time.

For the longest time I remembered things.
Promises made, words uttered, moments felt.
They played around in my head like an endless tape,
Causing me happiness or sadness at a whim.

But now.
No memory, no nothing.

I prefer it this way.
Living life one day at a time.

Do we ever stop loving?

I often find myself going back in time, revisiting those memories and people associated with it, often finding different insight into what was.

But that’s the thing about memories isn’t it? You can twist and wind it as per your mood and no one can ever question it. In the recesses of your mind, the memory becomes your story. You can make it anything you want it to be.

There are a few people who touch your lives. They just get you. It’s like they were made to fit a part of you that was incomplete until they came. And then for a while they complete that part, playing that important role they were always meant to play, as if their part in your story was already planned, that they were just waiting for the right moment to enter your life and turn it around.

But it might so happen that they may not remain a part of your life always. We have all been born alone and will die alone. These people we meet help us make stories, those stories which make our life.

Does that mean that once they leave, once their part in our life is over, that we stop loving them? Does it matter how the bond you shared ended?
Does the part of you that they completed when they entered your life, ever get filled by anyone else?
Do you ever stop loving them?

I don’t think love ever ends. No matter what you go through, no matter how horribly it ends, you can never unlove a person. There, at that moment in time, you loved a part of that person and no circumstance can ever change that. Love when given, is pure and complete and when you give it to another person, willingly, wholeheartedly, it belongs to them, forever.

Every person who touches your life, who matters to you, will own a small space in your heart. It can never be filled or replace by another and you shouldn’t want that to happen.

The beauty of life, of the experiences we share is that each experience is unique and we must cherish each relationship, giving love and affection freely, cause really do we really know how long we have with the one we love?

Reaching out.

Everyone is lurching around in their own misery.

So if someone takes the time out to let go of their own concerns and help make your life even the slightest bit better it means something.
You mean something.

Only someone who is lost knows how it feels, to be drowning in misery.
Only someone who has no one to reach out to will know the importance of being there for someone.

If you have such people in your life, pause if only for a moment and ask them about their story.

Ask because you never know about the cracks they hide, which mark their souls

This too shall pass.

There are days I miss you.

Miss you so much that I feel like putting aside everything am doing and reach out to you.
To come running to you or just hear your voice, that voice which was like a balm to my soul.

But on those days, I just need to remind myself that this too shall pass. That I miss the part of you, which was a part of us.
That there is no more us, just as you are not the you that I used to know.


"...Meanwhile in my head, I am undergoing open-heart surgery......." --Anne Sexton

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