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The Curious Case Of Being Human

Humans are narcissistic creatures.
We believe we have the power to shape our future or rather change our destiny.

But can we really?

We think that we can’t live without a few people. Or someone would not be able to survive without us. We try to protect them from hurt, even if we have to lie for it. We think we are so important than we decide what is good and bad for them. What they will or won’t be able to deal with it.

But the truth is, being human we have a mechanism which helps us survive anything.

A person lived before the love of his life crossed paths with him and will survive even if she leaves. The time it takes for someone to recover might be different. The intensity of feelings might be different. But eventually, time heals everything.

A person might think, ‘I’m broken. I can’t do this ever again.’

But you won’t be broken forever. Your survival instinct will kick in and will eventually do what it must to be unbroken.

Don’t be afraid to get into something now, just because you are afraid of the outcome. Whatever it maybe, you will survive.

Humans are survivers. You will survive too.


Humans are survivers. You will survive too.


Life : One day at a time.

For the longest time I remembered things.
Promises made, words uttered, moments felt.
They played around in my head like an endless tape,
Causing me happiness or sadness at a whim.

But now.
No memory, no nothing.

I prefer it this way.
Living life one day at a time.

Words: Do you pay attention?

They have the power to sooth as much as wound,
They can flow out like a torrent without any thought or care,
They can get buried inside you, even when you wish to let it out, just because you are scared.

The moment I thought of this subject, there was a torrent of thoughts that crossed my mind, cause I believe in the power of words, I believe in their ability to sooth. 

But people, people don’t understand. In today’s fast paced world where everyone wants to be the center of attention all the time, they don’t seem to mind interrupting someone when they are talking. They don’t have the patience to wait and hear the other person’s perspective.

Every time I sit with a group of people I wonder, what is the point of talking all the time?
Do your words, thoughts have any meaning attached to them?
Do people listen, or even pay attention to what you are saying?

Words, the crux of communication

       Words, the crux of communication.

I’ve often been told that am getting quieter these days. And yes I am. But you see, I’ve started paying attention to people. I’ve started paying attention to the words they use, the different meaning every person associates with each word. I know and understand better, I see things more clearly, when before I was too busy trying to put my point across without understanding the other person.

Paying attention to these words helps me know people, understand them and their feelings and situation better. And this seems to help them too. I don’t offer insight or advice to anyone unless specifically asked.
Just talking to someone who actually listens and asking the right question can go a long way in giving clarity to a heart or mind filled with turmoil.

I also believe in the power of paying attention to the thoughts, those million words that spin around in your head. If you pay enough attention to those thoughts, they will help you understand what matters to you, what are the things which bother you and most importantly, who you are. And that really is what we must pay attention to.
What is the point of knowing, understanding other people and their words, when you don’t even know your own? If you don’t even pay attention to the words inside?


"...Meanwhile in my head, I am undergoing open-heart surgery......." --Anne Sexton

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