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Stories, end

Stories end, some endings are not happy.


Does that mean the love shared, the connection made ends?
Aren’t those suppose to be precious bubbles of memories you go back to when you most need them?
Some stories end, not because you want them to but because they must.
Some relationships end, not because they were less than perfect but because the tiny imperfection was so wrong, it couldn’t go on.

It is the most beautiful experience in the world to be loved completely.
To be blessed with that even once in a lifetime, is enough.


Reaching out.

Everyone is lurching around in their own misery.

So if someone takes the time out to let go of their own concerns and help make your life even the slightest bit better it means something.
You mean something.

Only someone who is lost knows how it feels, to be drowning in misery.
Only someone who has no one to reach out to will know the importance of being there for someone.

If you have such people in your life, pause if only for a moment and ask them about their story.

Ask because you never know about the cracks they hide, which mark their souls


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