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In Regret

What a heady feeling it is to be impulsive. To act without thought, to hell with repercussions.

But like every thought, every action has a ripple effect. And sometimes this ripple effect turns into a tornado which no matter how much you try, you cannot control.

I’ve been known to be impulsive. On most days I’m even okay with it, in fact I embrace it.

But today, today I live in regret. I lost my closest friend, my safe haven to an impulse, a stupid impulse which I should have kept in check.

I lost the boy who got me flowers, who wrote me Hey There Delilah, who catered to my every whim and fancy for a boy who could never be mine, who now seems more like a stranger than ever.

I’ve never regretted a single moment in my life, but I regret that.

I’ve always pursued the elusive, the hard to get, all the while taking for granted those people who keep me sane. Enough. No more.

I wish I could come to you and beg you to forgive me, one more time. This time I promise to keep your trust. Missing you is like a physical thing, the pain is tangible.

But I won’t. I cannot will not beg you to let me in. I loved you which is why I let you go. I know you can’t be just friends. But I want you to know, I regret, regret the mistake I made.


Stories, end

Stories end, some endings are not happy.


Does that mean the love shared, the connection made ends?
Aren’t those suppose to be precious bubbles of memories you go back to when you most need them?
Some stories end, not because you want them to but because they must.
Some relationships end, not because they were less than perfect but because the tiny imperfection was so wrong, it couldn’t go on.

It is the most beautiful experience in the world to be loved completely.
To be blessed with that even once in a lifetime, is enough.

The Comfort Of Swapnil Patel

Everyone has this idea of an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend in their head. I did too. Until I met Swapnil Patel.

A friend and a companion, he protected me from people and was the safe-keeper of my secrets.

I could be myself, unapologetically. I could tell him anything I wanted, in any way I wanted cause I knew, I’d never be misunderstood.

He understood humans. He understood the faults in them and in me too .
He understood my need for space and my need to be needed too.

In a year that I’ve known him, we’ve never had a fight which went unresolved. How could it when we were so much in sync, when we just got each other so well?

I miss the comfort of you. I miss our ability to talk about anything, I miss the comfort of us. I miss being loved in the way only you could.

Everything I do, everyplace I go to, all I can think of is you. I don’t know if I miss what we were or the comfort of being with you. I don’t know if I miss the bond we share or I miss you cause of the bond we shared.


Yes I am weak in separation. Weak enough to want to call you but strong enough to know, to know I am not good for you. Your love deserves more.

But one thing is for sure, I miss the comfort of you, Swapnil Patel.

The Curious Case Of Being Human

Humans are narcissistic creatures.
We believe we have the power to shape our future or rather change our destiny.

But can we really?

We think that we can’t live without a few people. Or someone would not be able to survive without us. We try to protect them from hurt, even if we have to lie for it. We think we are so important than we decide what is good and bad for them. What they will or won’t be able to deal with it.

But the truth is, being human we have a mechanism which helps us survive anything.

A person lived before the love of his life crossed paths with him and will survive even if she leaves. The time it takes for someone to recover might be different. The intensity of feelings might be different. But eventually, time heals everything.

A person might think, ‘I’m broken. I can’t do this ever again.’

But you won’t be broken forever. Your survival instinct will kick in and will eventually do what it must to be unbroken.

Don’t be afraid to get into something now, just because you are afraid of the outcome. Whatever it maybe, you will survive.

Humans are survivers. You will survive too.


Humans are survivers. You will survive too.

I am in love with you.

I am in love with you.

Not the who you want to be,
Nor the who you were,
But the who you are,
At every moment we spend together.

You might not be perfect,
You might not even be the best boyfriend out there.
But you are the perfect boyfriend for me.
Isn’t that what really matters?

You see me,
Outside and inside and you’re okay with everything you see.
You tell me,
Things you’ve never told anyone else, trusting cause you know you can.

I want you to be you.
And I know you’ll let me be me.

And together,
We’ll celebrate light,
And fight darkness,
Every step of the way.

The letter which was never given.

The heart wishes for a million things, some attainable, some not quite so..

These desires can be locked inside forever which is why it is necessary to look inside and see if they can actually be fulfilled. And for that to happen you really need to know what is it that you really, actually want.

In my life I’ve been blessed with plenty of people to call my own. People who know me, understand me, love me. However knowing myself, I know I am the sort of person who would want to be close to another human being.
By closeness I mean someone who I could call or meet whenever I’m free, someone who would tell me everything that’s on their mind, every little detail, every little thought.There would be absolutely no need for any kind of pretense, no need to hide any feeling or question what they need to say.

I wish to have a best friend as a guy, someone who would know my story, all my stories and I would know his.
Someone who would hold me close, dance with me, sing for me and with me,
Someone who is good on the inside, cause that’s the only thing that matters.

That guy would be level headed, to balance my sometimes irrationally emotional side,
Someone who will know I need him even when I say I don’t,
Someone who will convince me to believe in him.

Who’ll make me think,
Who’ll make me laugh,
Who’ll know to take me to the beach cause I love the clash of the waves,
Who thinks I am the world, Cause I sure as hell would lay the world at his feet.

Hold me love, hold me,
Cause when you do,
The whole world ceases to be..

For the love of poems.


(by me)

Collision was unavoidable
pronounced and predicted from that first shared glance
She had eyes of stories past
peppered with a speak-easy spark
the likes of Dorothy Parker and 70’s Woody Allen films

Everything pulled me closer
the echo of a laugh carried across the barrier wall
tiny typed letters of that spoke volumes and chapters
in-between the lies and lines we spread out
counting the seconds before our bodies would bend

There were moments I have never spoken of
feelings that have never been repeated
desires that lay open and ready
if not for that ever pressing shadow of fear
dangling ever so carefully from the exposed rafters

She grabbed my hand in hers and read the future
accusations flying out of trembling lips
all the denial from years past and ahead exploded
you know what they say about promises in the dark
but I meant them felt them wantonly wanted them

(I wanted her)

I drove into the eye of a hurricane
rain crashing on the spidery crack in the windshield
threats of water leaking in keeping my foot on the gas
run like hell just like she predicted
never once looking back to apologize

Midnight at the garden of a gas station convenience store
collapsing on a dirty bathroom floor
if they found me there would they try to fix me
or was I too far off the beaten drive to go back now
I left more than my secrets in her pale skin

This is a poem posted by lyriquediscorde who is a blogger on WordPress.


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