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On Pursuing My Dream

When you are following your dream, when you are hell bent on achieving it, you won’t let anything come your way.

It doesn’t matter if you need to do it part time or if you need to fill every moment of your spare time pursuing it.
It doesn’t matter if you need to finish your work in the train or if you have to wake up early or stay up late to meet a deadline.

You’ll do it cause you can’t imagine doing anything else, wouldn’t want to do anything else, no matter how much you need to push yourself.

But then you hit road blocks.
Ones which make you question your dream,
Ones which make you question whether you are as good at something as you think you are.

They hit you in the face, hit you like a sucker punch which you never think you will recover from.
And then you wonder,
What is the point of this struggle,
What is the point of pushing so much,
What is the point of pursuing this dream?

The seed of self doubt is forever growing, forever looking to expand its roots.
It promises to consume you, never to let you free again.

But it is in this state of utter despair that I make myself think of this quote,

For who can ask more of a man,
Than giving all within his span,
Giving all it seems to me,
Is not to fall from victory.

I don’t know if I will ever succeed in pursuing my dream,
I don’t know if this is the right path or wrong.
But what I do know is that I am here to fight,
Here to fight my moments of despair,
To forever strive to convert them to moments of glory.

Moment of glory as beautiful & inspiring as a new day

My moment of glory, will be as beautiful as the rising of the sun at the start of a new day.


The body that was taken for granted.

It’s 3 am in the morning. While the world is still shrouded in twilight, while humans in this part of the world are still in slumber, in one room a bell rings.

That sound in another house could probably mean nothing, but in this house the sound could be a sign of impending doom.

In this house there is an old lady who no longer has much control over her body.

It’s been a long day for everyone in this household. The sound of the bell does not pierce their fitful sleep initially, but its insistent ringing finally does.

The mother is the first one to awake. She wakes up to go see what it is, because often its just the old lady unable to sleep, unable to distinguish between night and day.

But today was different. Today was a day we would all understand how much we take our body for granted.

She enters the room, the room from which the scent of sickness never fades no matter how much we try.

She sees the old lady, lying in her own piss, unable to get up from the floor, unable to will her body to obey her command.

She turns hysterical when the mother goes close to her. Screaming someone tried to kidnap her and then left her on the floor.

The mother calls her husband and daughter, to help pick the old lady up. 90 kgs is a lot of dead weight for even three people to carry. We learnt that the hard way that day.

Our inability to pick her up, hers to control her body, the stench of the room, of her clothes drenched in her own piss lead me to realize a million things at once.

Yes, it is true that you only live once.
Yes, it is true that there are medications to cure practically all the diseases out there.
But there is one thing that we seem to forget.
That if your body starts to get disintegrate from the inside, if your excessive indulgence is too much for the body to sustain, even if you give it medicines, its going to slowly steadily give up on you.

And that one thing which you took for granted, independence, the ability to look after yourself will slowly turn to dependence.

So much so that you become like a new born child, making up stories, depending on your children to feed, cloth and clean you. Life completing an entire circle.

My point through this blog is not that one does not enjoy the pleasure life has to offer. You truly only live once.
But that does not mean you live a life of excesses, taking your body for granted at every step. Treat it with love and consideration, the same way you treat your memories and relations. And I promise you, you will be able to enjoy your life till the end of days. Rather than experiencing the same fate of the old lady, ringing the bell at 3am, depending on someone else to pick her up, while the rest of the world was in slumber.

Yes, it is true that you only live once. Yes, it is true that there are medications to cure practically all the diseases out there. But there is one thing that we seem to forget. That if your body starts to get disintegrate from the inside, if your excessive indulgence is too much for the body to sustain, even if you give it medicines, its going to slowly steadily give up on you.

The body that was taken for granted.

Photocredit: Unknown. I tried looking for the name of the photographer who took this brilliant image but couldn’t find it. If you do, tell me the name in the comments.

On this travel adventure called Life.

The truth is the opportunities we have are as limitless as the sky.
What we do with these opportunities makes our life story.


(n.) an unusual and exciting or daring experience

(v.) engage in daring or risky activity.
Embarking on a journey unknown, doing something one has never done before involves a certain amount of risk. For if you don’t know how to do something, there always lies a chance of not accomplishing the task you set out to do.

Does that mean you will never try anything new?

That you will forever live through someone else’s experience, someone else’s opinion?


(v.) make a journey, typically of some length.

As is a journey so is life. You keep getting lost and found again and again.

(v.) adventure + (v.) travel

Living life voraciously, experiencing something new, all the while making it a journey to remember.

You, just you and no one else, is responsible for the choices you make, for the life you live.

An adventure travel will teach you things you’ve never known, would have never thought of unless you experience it. It’s living in the moment and pushing past your limitations.


(n.) a restriction.

What is a restriction? A line you draw for yourself because you are afraid of what will happen if you break free.
But will you know unless you try? Even once?


(n.) a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world.


A person who is unafraid of trying new things, experiencing new things will be called an adventurer.
He will always seek new ways of testing his limits.
What better way to accomplish this other than to travel to new cities,
explore different cultures and sift through diverse people?

 On this travel adventure called life, I have a longing, to wander …

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Death & the gift of life.

I want you to now be comfortable about something that you might be deeply uncomfortable about: Death & Organ Donation.

People do not spend much time thinking about death. They spend their lives thinking about absurdities; they put things off & fail to notice important moments. They don’t take risks because they think it’s dangerous. They complain a lot but refuse to take action. They want everything to change but they themselves refuse to change.

If they thought more about death they would never fail to make the much postponed phone call. They would be a little crazier. They would not fear that this incarnation will come to an end, because you cannot fear the inevitable.

The Indians say, “Today is as good a day as any to leave the world.”
A wise man once said, “Death is always sitting by your side so that, when you need to do something important, it will give you the strength and courage that you will need.”

It would be foolish to be frightened of death because all of us, sooner or later are going to die. And only those who accept this are prepared for life.

Having said that, what would be a better way of ending your life than giving the gift of life through organ donation? Life is uncertain and you don’t know which moment might be your last. But you could decide what could happen to your body once you do pass to the next realm.
Can you imagine the joy you would give to a person whose life you would extend through this last act of altruism? You will not only be improving someone’s life but also giving unmeasurable happiness to the person’s family and loved ones. Your one decision as the ability to change so many people’s lives.

1 person has the potential to save the life of 50 people. If you are not a donor when you die, you are taking a lot of lives with you.

The time to take this decision is now. Discuss it with your family and loved ones. I respect you if you decide against it. But I urge you to think about it.

Please share this post. You could be saving someone’s life, if one person decides to be an organ donor.

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Giving all.

I wont tell you your effort will pay off, cause there is a high possibility it might not.
But the hope, the elusive hope, is what keeps us going, what keeps us moving ahead even with a million failures in the past.
Should that stop us? Should that make us believe that hard work does not pay off?

The future is certainly uncertain. But the only way to have the kind of future you want is to tirelessly work towards it. Cause if you do, there is a sliver of hope that your dreams might come true.

If you dont try at all, well there’s no way that could happen at all, could it?

For who can ask more of a man,
Than giving all within his span.
Giving all it seems to me,
Is not too far from victory.

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